it’s 3am and instead of sleeping i’m getting mad about the fact that canonically clear has. like. no ass. in fact he pretty much has negative ass. so i’m giving him the ass he deserves

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Artist Karla Mialynne shows us the tools she uses to create her series of incredibly realistic animal drawings.

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I want to protect you, Aoba-san.

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Meet the world’s first white jaguar cubs.


Unheard of at any other zoo in the world, The Aschersleben Zoo in Germany is celebrating the birth of two rare white jaguar cubs, who ventured out for the first time since they were born back in January. Still unnamed, the brothers were born to 17-year-old father Mescal, who has a typical spotty coat, and 13-year-old mother Polly, who is jet black.


It is not known how or if their colour will change as they continue to grow.


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"Looks like i have to kick your ass in one shot."

"You’re full of shit, but i’ll let you eat those words. I’ll beat you to a pulp."

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The Alphas dedicated their time and effort making this song for Clear

Oh for fuck sake

i had no reason to doubt.

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Clear’s gorgeous face appreciation post (✿◠‿◠)

Dear DMMD fans who have only seen the anime,







story time!!!

so in biology, this kid kept looking at his crotch and moving his hands back and forth, and we were all wondering what he was doing and the teacher saw and told him to show her what he was doing and hE WAS FUCKING CROCHETING UNDER HIS JACKET OMG. HE HAD A BALL OF YARN ABOUT THE SIZE OF HIS HEAD AND A SCARF ABOUT 3/4 OF HIS HEIGHT



Clear’s Scrap: Game v Anime

As an avid fan of the series (and Clear) I love how the anime did his scene. Mainly because the way to get Clear’s good end in the game is to let the bubbles burst, signifying that Clear is to choose for himself. The anime version however does this by silencing Aoba - Koujaku and Noiz had to be consoled by words “you’re not alone” and “don’t give in” and again with Mink next week. Aoba isn’t allowed to speak in Clear’s mind, thus allowing Clear to decide which path he must take on his own instead of relying on his master’s words.


every class is art class if you dont care enough